Mindray Vetus 7 Digital Ultrasound System

Transform your daily practice with Mindray’s most powerful veterinary ultrasound system.

Eager to introduce dedicated diagnostic imaging solutions for the veterinary market, Mindray developed the Vetus series, console ultrasound units specialized for professional veterinary applications.

The Vetus 7 is the seamless combination of veterinarian’s requirements and ultrasound technology. Featuring a concise, user-friendly interface, touch screen and image quality enhanced by innovative veterinary imaging algorithms, the Vetus 7 offers unrivalled power, speed and accuracy that will bring your practice to the next level.

Combined with an intuitive workflow, powerful intelligent tools and ergonomics designed for vets, Mindray’s Vetus 7 is a total solution for animal care.

Key Features:

  • 21.5″ high definition LED monitor, with 180° of rotation.
  • 4 active smart transducer sockets with an easy lock design.
  • Switch transducers and exam modes in the same interface within 1 second.
  • A dedicated animal information system supports fast exam creating and animal sterilization management.
  • 13.3″ anti-glare touch screen, with 30-degree tilt that supports customizable gestures.
  • High capacity battery for standby mode.
  • Transducer cable management helps keep cables off the ground.
  • Highly mobile with fully rotating wheels and a small footprint.


Screen Size 21.5 in
Screen Type LCD
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Features Contrast & Brightness Adjustable, Tilt and Swivel Adjustable, View Angle of ≥ 178 °


Screen Size 13.3 in
Screen Type High-Sensitivity Anti-Glare Color Touch Screen
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Features Contrast & Brightness Adjustable, Support Touch Screen Gestures, Angle Adjustable


Storage Type Hard Disk
Storage Size 1 TB
Boot Time < 60 Seconds

Control Panel

Keys Alphanumeric Keyboard, User-Defined Function Keys, Knobs, Blacklight Adjustable
TCG 8 Segment
Trackball Color & Speed Adjustable
Sound Integrated Speakers

I/O Interfaces

Transducer Ports 4
Electrical 1 x Power Input
USB Ports 5 x Type A USB 3.0
Networking 1 x Ethernet, Integrated WIFI
Display Ports 1 x HDMI OUT, 1 x S-Video OUT, 1 x VGA OUT


Scanning Modes Pulsed Wave Doppler (includes High Pulsed Repetition Frequency)
B/M/Color M/Color/Power/Directional Power Doppler
Tissue Harmonic Imaging and Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging
Trapezoid Imaging/ExFOV

Software Included

Imaging Technologies iBeam (Spatial Compounding Imaging)
iClear (Speckle Suppression Imaging)
iTouch (Auto Image Optimization)
iZoom (Full Screen View)
Echo Boost
HDR Flow (High Dynamic Range Flow)
HR Flow (High Resolution Flow)
FCI (Frequency Compound Imaging)
Workflow Technologies iStation (Animal Information Management)
iWorks (Standardized Workflow Protocol)
MedSight (Support IOS/Android Devices)
MedTouch (Support IOS/Android Devices)
Veterinary Application Packages Abdomen/Small Parts/Cardiology/Reproduction

Hardware Included

Imaging Hardware Continuous Wave Module
Physio Module (Vet ECG, AHA)
Peripherals 5 x ECG Alligator Lead Clips

Dimensions and Weight

Width 510 ± 5 mm
Depth 850 ± 5 mm
Height 1190 ± 5 mm
Weight 85 kg


Type Lithium-Ion Battery Pack 14.8 V, 3000 mAh
Charge Time < 4 Hours
Endurance Time 0 (Battery Enables Fast Boot from Standby)

What’s in the Box

System 1 x Vetus 7 Digital Ultrasound System
Operator’s Manual Basic Volume, Advanced Volume, Acoustic Output Volume, Operation Notes
Power 1 x US Power Cord
System Peripherals 1 x Ultrasound Gel, 1 x Keyboard Protector, 1 x System Cover, 5 x Alligator ECG Lead Clip, 1 x ECG Lead


Length of Warranty 5 Years


Software Options

DICOM Worklist
Imaging Technologies iScape View (Realtime Panoramic Imaging)
Free Xros M (Anatomical M-Mode)
Free Xros CM (Curved Anatomical M-Mode)
TDI (Tissue Doppler Imaging) includes TVI, TEI, TVD and TVM
Natural Touch Elastography (Requires L12-4s/L13-3s)
Stress Echo
Tissue Tracking with Quantitative Analysis (Strain/Strain Rate)
Smart 3D (Freehand 3D)
TDI Quantification Analysis Software (including strain/strain rate, TDI should be configured at the same time)
Auto EF (Automatic Ejection Fraction Measurement)
iNeedle (Needle Visualization Enhancement)


Peripherals Footswitch (Two Hot Keys)
Footswitch (Three Hot Keys)
1D Barcode reader (USB)
2D Barcode reader (USB)

Transducers Available

Convex Transducer(s) 6C2s Convex Array Transducer
C6-2s Convex Array Transducer
C11-3s Micro-Convex Array Transducer
Linear Transducer(s) L13-3s Linear Array Transducer
L12-4s Linear Array Transducer
7L4Bs Linear Array Transducer
Cardiac Transducer(s) P8-2s Phased Array Transducer
P10-4s Phased Array Transducer
P4-2s Phased Array Transducer
Specialty Transducer(s) 6LE5Vs Veterinary Intrarectal Linear Array Transducer

Vetus 7 Brochure

Vetus 7 Datasheet

Mindray System Cleaning Guide

Mindray Disinfection Guide

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