Mindray 35C50EA Convex Array Transducer

A standard convex array transducer. Compatible with the following systems from Mindray: DP-30, DP-30 Vet, DP-50 and DP-50 Vet.

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Transducer Specifications

Application Fetal, Abdominal, Pediatric, Musculoskeletal (Conventional), Thoracic/Pleural, Peripheral Vessel, Urology
Bandwidth 2 – 6 MHz
Depth Up to 30.2 cm
Number of Elements 80
FOV (Max) 70 °
Extended FOV 90 °
Convex Radius 50 mm

Mindray Disinfection Guide

A guide outlining the accepted cleaning solutions that may be used to clean Mindray Transducers.

Mindray System Cleaning Guide

A guide outlining the manufacturer accepted cleaning process for systems, transducers and accessories.

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