A rapid, all-in-one point-of-care test device that can identify a clinically significant acute respiratory infection and differentiate viral from bacterial causes. Now available in Canada.

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The Science Behind the Accuracy

FebriDx produces a multiplexed result pattern combining C-reactive protein (CRP) and myxovirus resistance protein A (MxA).


CRP is an acute phase inflammatory protein that is elevated in both viral and bacterial infections. Bacterial infection is a potent stimulus of marked CRP elevation. CRP is elevated within 4-6 hours of onset and is correlated with the severity of the infection. Normal CRP is less than 3 mg/L. It has been demonstrated that 38-56% of patients with viral acute respiratory infections (ARI) have CRP levels greater than 20 mg/L which may lead to unnecessary antibiotics being prescribed.


MxA is an intracellular blood protein that is stimulated by interferon (IFN) alpha/beta cells. IFN cells are induced by viruses and form an essential part of the immune system’s defence against viral infections. MxA protein becomes elevated only in the presence of acute viral infections and not in bacterial infections.


By combining an acute phase inflammatory protein, CRP, and a specific viral marker, MxA, the dual biomarker technology of FebriDx improves the sensitivity and specificity of both markers. Neither CRP nor MxA alone is sensitive or specific enough to differentiate viral from bacterial infections. At low levels, CRP is very sensitive but non-specific at confirming bacterial infection. At high levels, the reverse is true. MxA is specific for viral infections only and will not be elevated in the presence of a bacterial infection. FebriDx optimizes the sensitivity and specificity of both markers to accurately and reliably differentiate between viral and bacterial ARIs.


FebriDx optimizes the sensitivity and specificity of both markers to accurately and reliably differentiate between viral and bacterial ARIs.

Results Within 10 Minutes

Reduce Antibiotic Use

Unnecessary use of antibiotics leads to antibiotic resistance, causing more than 25,000 deaths in the EU, and 700,000 globally.


FebriDx is the first and only rapid point-of-care test that can effectively rule out an infection.

Lower Healthcare Costs

Antibiotic resistance results in costs over €1.5 billion in the EU and $20 billion in the U.S. annually.

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Disclaimer: FebriDx is authorized for use to identify and differentiate viral from bacterial acute respiratory infection; its use for the specific diagnosis of COVID-19 is not authorized by Health Canada.

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